Allan B. Colombo

Freelance Writer

Allan Colombo is a 35-year veteran in the security and life safety markets. He is director with and a nationally recognized trade journalist in East Canton, Ohio. Reach him at

Articles by Allan B. Colombo

October 2007
The use of electronic access control is on the rise and so is the need for integration between electronic locking mechanisms and building fire alarm systems. The following story offers a compelling reason to comply with local laws and current fire codes. On Oct. READ MORE
October 2007
It’s a competitive world, and a few dollars can decide who wins or loses an installation contract. It’s a place where the lowest bidder often goes home a winner, and the others leave empty-handed. There are ways to increase the odds your firm will emerge the winner of an alarm installation contract. One is to use competitively priced equipment, which may or may not be the ultimate answer. READ MORE
August 2007
Camera surveillance is one of the fastest growing segments in the physical security arena. But the real story involves a potential paradigm shift from charge coupled device (CCD) imaging technology to complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS). READ MORE
June 2007
Security cameras come in many styles, but the most important aspect associated with camera selection is whether the technology matches the application. This requires knowledge of the many attributes associated with analog and Internet protocol (IP) technology. READ MORE