Allan B. Colombo

Freelance Writer

Allan Colombo is a 35-year veteran in the security and life safety markets. He is director with and a nationally recognized trade journalist in East Canton, Ohio. Reach him at

Articles by Allan B. Colombo

April 2008
Healthcare for the aging is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, especially in the area of nursing homes. According to the U.S. READ MORE
March 2008
Construction remains, for the most part, a paper-based industry. The introduction, acceptance and use of software has reduced some of the paperwork associated with contracting and construction, but many still are not using such solutions to their advantage. READ MORE
February 2008
It is essential that low-voltage contractors know how to efficiently fish cables into internal and external wall cavities in retrofit applications. Unlike pulling wires through half-inch EMT conduit, fishing requires skill, experience and the right equipment. READ MORE
February 2008
For the last century, electricians have supplied the superhighway over which electrical apparatuses in homes, retail stores, commercial and industrial facilities, and government institutions operate. No matter where or what it is, if it requires 120 AC, 240 AC, 440 AC or more, an electrician must provide the infrastructure. READ MORE
February 2008
Sprinkler systems are important life safety tools for fire protection. Certainly, they’re one of the things most required by codes and by local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs). READ MORE
February 2008
Circuit integrity, the ability of a system to keep functioning under adverse conditions, is extremely important when installing low-voltage alarm systems. Probably one of the most significant problems that traditional alarm companies have in ensuring integrity involves the manner in which their technicians install end-of-line (EOL) resistors. READ MORE
January 2008
The convergence of logical and physical security is a natural step in the scheme of progressive thinking among foremost technologists. It’s also the direction in which corporations are moving. The reason is simple—convergence is the most efficient and expedient way to perform a variety of tasks related to the security of a company’s physical and logical elements. READ MORE
December 2007
Financial institutions require quality, reliable fire protection and timely information in order to maintain a profitable operation. That’s why life safety officers work to stay informed and to contract with reputable installation companies for the installation of code-compliant, false alarm-free fire detection systems. READ MORE
December 2007
Retail theft across the United States results in a loss of $13 million in revenue each year. That amounts to $35,000 lost every day. According to the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention, Jericho, N.Y., one in 11 people in the United States have shoplifted over the last 12 months. This translates to more than 27 million individuals. READ MORE