Allan B. Colombo

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Allan Colombo is a 35-year veteran in the security and life safety markets. He is director with and a nationally recognized trade journalist in East Canton, Ohio. Reach him at

Articles by Allan B. Colombo

October 2009
Video surveillance is a powerful tool, especially when price is not the main deciding factor behind what is purchased. While some camera systems cost less, the overall effectiveness is markedly less than when image quality is made a priority. READ MORE
September 2009
Museums are among the most difficult for security companies to protect because of the many methods criminals use to gain unauthorized access. The risk rises with the number of valuable items on display. It’s a real challenge to provide open access to the general public while protecting those items. Each display and the facility itself must be protected from an assortment of threats. READ MORE
July 2009
There are two basic categories of alarm panels on the market today: residential and commercial. Commercial panels, whether single- or dual-use combination, must be tested by a third-party organization, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) of Northbrook, Ill. This ensures the panel in question complies with established national burglar alarm standards and fire codes. READ MORE
June 2009
Terrorists, gangs and criminals are a constant threat to everyone’s peace and safety. In the fight against crime, private-sector security companies and domestic law enforcement personnel use video surveillance at strategic locations on city streets. READ MORE
May 2009
One way electrical contractors (ECs) ensure safety is to install smoke alarms in every home they wire. Not only does code call for 120V AC smoke alarms in one- and two-family dwellings, but most local fire authorities also require them. READ MORE
April 2009
Quality, timely healthcare is an absolute must. Whether we are dealing with an aging population or younger people who have experienced health problems, everyone deserves medical assistance when they need it. This is true whether they find themselves confined to an institution or their own home. READ MORE
April 2009
The need to control access into and out of buildings is fundamental to maintaining effective security. Not only is this important from the perspective of asset protection, but also for the safety of those who live, work at and visit these locations. READ MORE
March 2009
A security system's alarm control panel is similar to a central processing unit in a common computer system. It typically contains a motherboard with a set of screw terminals, one or more plug-in input/output bus connections, and accommodations for additional peripheral devices. READ MORE
February 2009
For the quality of the educational experience as well as the safety of the students, it’s important that schools view safety as the highest priority. Administrators need to closely examine the security options available to them in the video surveillance marketplace. READ MORE