Alison R. Mullins

Freelance Writer

Alison R. Mullins is an associate with Hughes & Associates. She may be reached at or 703.671.8200.

Articles by Alison R. Mullins

October 2008
The movement for green building is charging ahead so fast the law surrounding this type of construction has not been able to keep up and remains largely uncharted territory. It is difficult to predict which standard will rule and how the court will interpret that standard. Simply put, green building is environmentally friendly design and construction, also known as sustainable building. READ MORE
August 2008
In October 2007, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) released revisions to its Contract Documents templates. The AIA previously updated the documents in 1997. You should be aware of five areas of significant changes made to A201—General Conditions of the Contract for Construction. READ MORE
June 2008
Government contract bidding and negotiation are complex processes. Competitive bidding is the dominant model used to make labor and material selections for the majority of government construction projects. Competitive bids can bring about multiple challenges over the question of who has the lowest qualifying bid—the lowest bid that contains the necessary scope of work, materials and labor. READ MORE
April 2008
Construction contracts regularly include provisions for alternative dispute resolution (ADR). ADR attempts to provide the parties with options other than costly and time-consuming litigation. Mediation and arbitration are the two basic forms of ADR. As an electrical contractor, you must understand the risks and benefits of agreeing to ADR before you sign the contract and begin your project. READ MORE
February 2008
What is a waiver of subrogation? Its provisions are poorly understood and often ignored, but they can be absolutely critical to protecting your business interests. In order to understand the meaning of the waiver, you must first grasp the basic concept of subrogation. These clauses must be understood in the context of insurance coverage and protection of your electrical contracting business. READ MORE