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Fossils Discovered at Subway Construction Site

A subway construction project in Los Angeles has unearthed a variety of 11,000-year-old fossils since last year and is likely to uncover even more in the upcoming months.

Battery Funding Goes Through the Roof

Venture capitalists are always looking for the next "best deal," and many of them are finding these deals in technologies that deliver and manage electricity on the grid.

House Appropriations Committee Votes to Cut Energy Star by 40 Percent

The House Appropriations Committee voted on July 18 to pass the Fiscal Year 2018 Interior and Environment Appropriations Bill, which provides $31.4 billion to federal investments in natural resources.

Exelon-Pepco Merger Gets Green Light ... Again

A merger that has been in the works for years, and that has suffered some setbacks along the way, seems destined to happen after a court ruling last week.

Recent NAHB Reports Remain Solid, But Roadblocks Persist

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has released three recent reports that illustrate a generally positive environment for the housing market, starts and remodeling, though two of the three showed some signs of stagnation.

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Rude Awakening: Low-Frequency Sounders

For years, there has been concern about the waking ability of fire alarm audible notification appliances. In general, they have gone through numerous changes since the 1980s. Back then, it was common to use bells to signal an alarm.

Electric Utility Customer Satisfaction Rises for Sixth Consecutive Year

As energy technology continues to evolve, residential customers are becoming more content with the service they receive from electric utilities. The 2017 Electric Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study, released by J.D.

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ConTech Roadshow Offers Practical, Exciting Tech Solutions

At JBKnowledge's first of four 2017 ConTech Roadshows, the presiding theme in Philadelphia on July 13 was advanced technology with practical applications for contractors looking to gain an edge in their competitive markets.

You Can Grow Your Own Way

There are too many metaphors to choose from, so we will refrain, but the point is green building isn’t going away anytime soon. In all likelihood, we will simply refer to it as “building” in the future. That isn’t an uncontested idea.

Taking Notes: Documenting Green Projects

Filling out paperwork and documenting your company’s work may be one of the more mundane project tasks, but when green building certification is involved, that documentation serves several important purposes.

Macy’s distribution facility in Minooka, Ill.
Wrapped Up: Hardt Electric

Thanks to increasing adoption of renewable energy, declining market costs of many renewable technologies, and the availability of financial incentives that help subsidize the cost of installation, the photovoltaic (PV) panel market has grown dramatically over the past several years.

A Serious Problem: Combatting Opioid Abuse on the Job

Prescription opioid abuse has been a major health problem in the United States for the last 25 years and is now in the news almost daily.

Smart Cities: The New Frontier For Utilities

The marriage of digital technology, renewable energy and efficiency has been highly disruptive to the traditional utility business model. At the same time, according to a recent study, utilities can benefit, too.

UC Davis Student Showcases Designs At Lightfair International

When attending large conventions such as Lightfair International (LFI), attendees expect to see industry experts with decades of experience. It is less expected to meet a college junior, as 2017 LFI attendees did in Philadelphia in May.

EC Installs Solar On The Home Front

Farmington, Conn.-based McPhee Electric, a Phalcon Company, partnered with Collinsville, Ill.-based Day & Night Solar (DNS) to build a solar power installation on its own building.

Students Design Net-Zero-Energy Homes For DOE Competition

In April, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced the winners of its fourth annual Race to Zero Student Design Competition, a collegiate competition that engages college students to design net-zero-energy-ready homes.

Greenlee’s portable work bench
Cool Tools: Mobile Work Stations

Owners and managers of electrical contracting companies are always alert to tools and equipment that will enhance workforce productivity. Portable work stations provide a convenient, easy-to-move work surface and storage solution.

Getting the Terminology Right for Healthcare Facilities

In the past two National Electrical Code (NEC) cycles, there have been substantial changes in Article 517 dealing with healthcare facilities.

Equipment Grounding Conductor Performance

An equipment grounding conductor (EGC) installed with a branch circuit or feeder circuit performs three important functions in the electrical safety system. EGCs provide a path that connects equipment to ground, thereby performing grounding functions.

Moving On Up: Different Types of Estimating

Many estimators start out as electricians, and a significant portion of those are most experienced in residential work. The purpose of this article is to help move these estimators along the path to commercial and industrial electrical estimating.